Sunday, October 08, 2006

my computer, fucked up beautifully.

whatever i do, he responds with terrible harddisk sounds... i know it should be inspirative for me, and i should make music with it... but i don't feel like doing that kind of things.

and how do you feel today?

Friday, October 06, 2006

early morning

so i told my father to wake me up. just in case, i thought... i had to meet one of my professors around 8am... 'it means getting up at 7.10am, getting ready for the day and catching a bus at 7.30am'. that's what i thought at least.

my father had different plans. for some strange reason, he woke me up at 6.10am, and continued whatever he was doing (i.e. preparing for his work day). i'm not sure what kind of reactions you make at something like this, but i wasn't very happy person when that happened.
of course, i continued to sleep, but it just wasn't the same any more.


Thursday, October 05, 2006

one more to go

one more exam to go... and then i'm leaving for novi sad. maybe this blog dies then. well, nothing lasts forever... (and maybe it doesn't die).


i am somewhat stupid. my stupidity is best describe with the word: stupidity. i don't like being stupid, but i'm forced to (sometimes).
i'm forced by the greatest authority in the world: myself.

some day i'll eat myself. can you shit then? and what will it be (shit)?


Monday, October 02, 2006

how to grease your glasses

just accidentally touched my glasses with my finger. as a result, i got grease 'stain', easily removable - only with help of detergent or something alike.
as you probably guess, it pissed me off. i'm thinking now not to like the name 'greasemonkey', and to stop thinking of diving in... i'm tha fuckin' grease monkey. you are, too.

it would be great to have grease-proof glasses. it's a good idea, anyway.

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Friday, September 29, 2006

monkey business

monkey business. this little game is good enough if you are nervous to loose some more nerves. like i am right now with all the iexplore stuff and bunch of mosquitoes fu*king around. the game is quite simple actually, maybe even too simple. the worst thing (in my humble opinion) is the fact that you can't rotate pieces you get... so not every game is solvable. to be more precise, maybe one in ten is solvable, and that is quite annoying... or that's only me. (and mosquitoes).

and, yes, the bloody thing (monkey) doesn't like to jump... so if to ground-squares are connected diagonally, forget about it - he won't cross. ... what i think is that he isn't really hungry. fu*king beast.
if you'd like to play it, click the title - it's linked with the page that hosts the game.

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using internet explorer

right now, i'm doing it. feel kind of kinky... but it suck, greatly.

when you use internet explorer, you get to understand why monopolism is a bad thing. every time i use it, i get to meet another flaw of internet explorer. oh, my friends, how much i dislike it.

but i'm going to use it, just to remember how good it is to use firefox, and how happy we are to have it. (and how it is to people that are actually still using iexplore).

feel anxious for some reason. but later on i'm going to have a beer with my friend, and world should become a happier place. we'll see, however. you never know.

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dive into greasemonkey

recently i met greasemonkey for the first time. actually, i only read about it, and afterward i met it. and i liked it... i had to remove it afterwards for some reasons that go beyond this blog, but i intend to reinstall it.

so, i was reading about it, and i really liked the idea i was reading back then... and now i have few of my own. and, goddamnit, i have to try it out. i just have to try using that fu*ker, for my own sake.

i searched google for 'greasemonkey' and found what i was looking for. actually, i found more than i was needing/expecting, but that's a good thing. i'm thinking if i should share it with you, but i will. later on, i maybe even do something useful with it. for now, i'm just going to take a peek, so i have one more thing to think about when i'm bored (or, which is more probable, when i have to study). click on the title of this post for 'dive into greasemonkey' web site or just keep reading this blog and you might find something. might, i repeat :).

Thursday, September 28, 2006

a quote

"We all know Linux is does infinite loops in 5 seconds." (Linus Torvalds about the superiority of Linux on the Amterdam Linux Symposium)

i like it :)

super tramp

Tramp, a slang term for a "loose" woman or prostitute in American English; a harlot

when i started with my return home, i had to pass trampoline installed in town park. there are actually two of them, privately owned, representing a way for someone to earn some cash. i respect that since the situation here isn't really bright.

what i also respect, even more, is the name of the one i was passing by - super tramp. considering that only kids play there, it sounds like quite perverted joke, doesn't it?
too bad my camera is somewhere else, so i wasn't able to record that moment... however, if you come by in banja luka, do come and see it... you might even want to try banjaluka's super tramp. it's legal.

and how was your day?

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monster within

there is a little monster in each and every one of us. someone's is bigger than someone else's. it should be kept in mind always, and considered each time when we decide to get angry with someone.

i have mine, and i think it's not that little at all. show me yours and i'll show you mine? no, i'm eager to keep it all for myself. just told you i have one, and that's all i can give.

time flies

tempus fugit

for some strange reason, i've deleted 'tempus fugit' text 2 times. i typed id, selected it, pressed ctrl+i to make it italic, pressed 'end' to continue writing and voila, text was no more. it's a bug, maybe, but i'm too lazy to report it. let other people suffer too - it's our planet's motto (or so it seems).

so, tempus fugit. in my language it's translated, literary, as 'time flies' - hence the title of this post. what i read long time ago, in some book related to physics, is that fugere in latin means running away (again, i'm too lazy to check it on the net... try google for fugere and tell me what you found out). so, time is running away.
now, consider the saying time is money. when you connect those two you get 'money is running away' (actually, you can get plenty of permutations, but this one interests me. if you wanna mess with other, you are free to do so, but somewhere else). so, money is running away.
and that, my friends, is very true. it's running away, all the time. and that sucks.

i'm glad i shared it with someone. are you? (retro urban)

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Monday, September 11, 2006

small men (and women)

small men. narrow view(s). shallow thought(s).
reading some blogs... and it would be better not to.

love is all we need. plenty of it.

end of the line

spotted a plastic cup in the corner of my toilet today. not the first time to spot it, though. it's turned upside-down because i did it. and the reason? the reason is that it is a cup that represented end of a line for few live beings. (or could have, without my intervention).

first there was a spider inside it one day, unable to get out - therefore waiting for a death of starvation. i personally wouldn't like to go that way, so i freed him. few days ago i found dead night butterfly, and i decided to stop all that. turned the thing upside-down.

now i'm thinking of that cup. what if cups also have a 'life' of some kind, and i just put it on the worst torture there is - standing upside-down?

it's still dark at 5am

that's when you know the summer is over - when it's still dark.

i don't get up that early very often, but this is the day to do some crazy things, one of them being getting up at 5am. other sitting here and blogging instead of relaxing in some other, more joyful way.

the cat, djuka, is rumbling upstairs, playing with who-knows-what. if if finish studying before 9am (which i doubt) i'll go to play with him a while. read once (or heard) how playing with a pet relaxes you. i don't listen to that kind of things usually because i despise statistic as a way of getting 'scientific' results... i always thought it degrades our science (as if sometimes it isn't just ridiculous).
anyway, this time they shot the bulls eye.

and there goes my break.

read on.

p.s. my spelling is getting better


well... the time is right for me to go to bed. i still have some 20 pages to do, but i'll leave that for tomorrow 5am.

anyone going to wish me luck? i sure will need it.